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I’m Jason Alexander–a husband, father, and priest. I serve as the canon to the ordinary in The Episcopal Church in Arkansas, a unique role in the Church, focusing primarily on clergy transitions and congregational health. I also assist the bishop in the general oversight of the diocese. I’m on the road a lot, traveling from church to church, preaching, teaching, and troubleshooting.

Spending time outdoors has been a key part of my physical and spiritual life for as long as I can remember. I grew up camping with friends in the mountains around Juneau, Alaska. When college and the Church took me to Arkansas I discovered the amazing Ouachita National Forest just few miles from my front door. Hiking and riding in the woods brings me joy, especially when I get to share the experience with others.

In the pages of this blog you’ll find some of my sermons, as well as writing about biking and camping. I have also recently completed my thesis for a Doctor of Ministry degree which involves the insights of the Christian desert dwellers of the fourth and fifth centuries, particularly those of Evagrius of Pontus. Some of my reflections related to his contributions to Christian spirituality are also included here.

I hope you will find some inspiration for your own journey. Find me on Facebook and Instagram.